Bob Dylan's Beard

Things got weird. I started growing Bob Dylan's Beard.

Kermit does Elliott

This is kinda brilliant…

Apparently someone has decided to make the happiest frog ever the saddest frog ever.  Hey, Jim’s death hurt me too, but I’m still clean.

Needle in the Hay is quite possibly my favorite Elliott Smith song if only for the guitar part.  I could hear an instrumental of it on repeat for at least…3 times through.  This has to be my favorite cover of it, but I haven’t heard many other covers.  I’m also partial to this song because of this video and its Royal Tenenbaums references.

My next Halloween costume/Outift to work:


Just because I love the picture:


Sad Kermit has a few more covers, and another Elliott song. For more info and downloads visit his site.


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Raise a Toast to Secrecy or Posting at Work Without Being Found Out

There are better things to do when you’re supposed to be doing other things.  But I’m not sure what those things are.

Mary Lou Lord

I’ve only heard Elliott Smith’s version of his own song as a live version.  I’m not sure if there is a studio version, but I’ll take these versions and be happy because I can hear Elliott in Mary Lou’s voice.  Apparently he didn’t think the song was good enough so she took it off his hands.  Lucky girl.  A full Mary Lou Lord post will come one day, but until then enjoy her studio version and these two live takes.

Mary Lou Lord – I Figured You Out (studio)

Mary Lou Lord – I Figured You Out (live with intro)

Elliott Smith – I Figured You Out

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