Bob Dylan's Beard

Things got weird. I started growing Bob Dylan's Beard.


Man, I forgot I even had this blog.  Now that I’m back I realize I missed it.  So here’s the revamped Bob Dylan’s Beard.

Just a couple things to tell you.  You(if anybody reads this) should really listen to this band, The Welcome Wagon.

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When I wrote that title it made me think of this song, “Forgiveness” sung by Anna Faris in the movie “Just Friends.”  Amazing…


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No Name #1

Linking is much easier than this complicated copy and paste.

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Friday night is alright for fighting

I consider myself fairly civilized, but the wild man in me is drawn to the show “Man vs. Wild.”  On the latest episode, Bear cornered a porcupine in a burrow in Namibia.  Not a very smart move, but it made for great tv.  

Warning!! **SPOILER ALERT!** – Porcupine dies…not gruesome, but watch at your own risk. 

Enjoy this delicious cover.

Ben Gibbard and Ted Leo – Porcupine Pie (Neil Diamond Cover)

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A New America or Ways to Not Die

Recently I was reading this book:

My daughters separately asked me what this book was about.  They both know who Barack Obama is and so I told them that it was basically about how he thinks he can make America better.  My youngest volunteered to tell me how to make America better and her plan included the following:

  1. Don’t litter.
  2. Save water.
  3. Recycle.
  4. Be nice to people.

My oldest daughter had a little different way of looking at things.  She’s obsessed with things that scare her and currently her biggest fear is a tornado. Her “New Deal” included:

  1. Make houses tornado proof.

That’s about it.  She just wanted to make sure catastrophic events didn’t happen.

As for me, I say: Let’s start by not littering so that tornadoes don’t have garbage in them.

 Willy Mason – The Message

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